Islamophobia: Causes, Effects & Solutions

As-Salamu-Alaykum to all the Muslim readers and non-Muslim readers! I am glad that you are happening to read this! Welcome to this site! With no further delay, let us dive into a monotheistic faith called Islam, founded 1400 years ago by a man called Muhammad. While its adherents grew drastically ever since it was founded, today, many fear Muslims. In politics, Muslims are talked about as if it’s a race, in the media they are negatively talked about, as ‘terrorists’, wanting every “non-believer” dead, blowing up bombs, and so forth.

To put it simple, a Muslim is one who believes in God (Allah in Arabic) and his last and final messenger Muhammad. So what is all this fear about? Great you asked! It’s an irrational, unfounded fear called Islamophobia!

Islamophobia – an irrational fear, hatred, and prejudice against Muslims. Notice the word ‘irrational’. In other words, an unfounded or unjustified fear, hatred, and prejudice against Muslims. This begs the question, where does this irrational fear, hatred, and prejudice come from? The answer is simple. The media, politics, and other mainstream sources that are ignorant (lack of knowledge or information) about the religion of Islam, a monotheistic faith. I’ve had the privilege of studying Islam on my own, right down to the Arabic, and it is a faith that calls humanity to God, acknowledges the Jews and Christians as ‘people of the book’, and calls for coexistence among others practicing other faiths. To know about Islam, one must go to the proper source which is the Qur’an. Of course, CNN, Fox and other media outlets wouldn’t know this because they have never gone to the source, the Qur’an to find out for themselves what Islam is about. Are there those that misuse the religion for their own motives and political reasons? Of course! But that should not give us the right to generalize and believe all 1.8 billion Muslims are like that. Muslims are people like us, who follow a faith, and want the best for themselves, their families and their communities. It only hurts my heart that during this time, people are so quick to hate, fear and have extreme prejudice against Muslims rather than befriending them, going to a Mosque and talking to Muslims and seeking information first hand. It hurts to see many news outlets and the media slandering the Muslim faith, speaking of it negatively and those that take every word and believe it rather than doing their own research. I’ve written several essays regarding Islamophobia, its causes, effects, and ways of overcoming this unfounded fear and prejudice. Its effects are long-lasting, harmful to many peace-loving Muslims who want nothing but the best for themselves, their families, their communities, and societies. We must stop the generalization and hatred against them and start acquiring knowledge about Islam, their culture and tradition and this can only be done with diligent studying and research, as well, befriending Muslims, getting to know them on a personal level. I urge everyone to take the time, study about Islam and come to your own conclusions about it. Do not let the voices of politicians and media outlets influence you, or do the thinking for you! Be above the hatred, prejudice, and fear, and start showing love, peace, kindness, and gentleness.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” Jimi Hendrix


2 thoughts on “Islamophobia: Causes, Effects & Solutions

  1. In the name of Allah
    Hi dear brother,
    I am a Muslim woman from Iran and I enjoyed your writing a lot. I am an English teacher and I do my best to introduce the real Islam from the prophet Muhammad to my students.
    Best wishes,
    Shirin Navabi


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